Double Your Gas Mileage and Learn What Gas Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Doubling your gasoline mileage obviously means the cost per gallon of gas used in your vehicle will not be $4.00 and above, it will be half of that or less than half. You are probably asking yourself how in the world is it possible to reduce gas consumption in half. There is a very simple answer, and it doesn’t matter what make of vehicle you drive, the fuel is called Hydrogen the most plentiful elements on earth.

The technology is not new, it was harnessed in the mid 1930’s and rumors has it that the oil industry giants squashed any hope that the hydrogen technology would ever be permitted to develop fuel and make it to market. The reason of course is that hydrogen is free and God help us should any giant industry ever develop anything that is free to the consumer, or even reasonable for that matter.

We all know water is H2O; one molecule of water contains two hydrogen atoms bonded to a single oxygen atom. All that is needed is to separate the hydrogen atoms from the oxygen atom which is accomplished by an electrolysis process and only takes a small charge from a twelve volt battery. When the water is discharged after extracting the hydrogen from the water, the water once regains the hydrogen atoms from the air and what you have once again, is pure clean water.

I am very knowledgeable with regard to this technology Whole Melt Extracts Live Resin because I used it in the Jewelry industry; it’s called the water torch, which has been used for over 30 years. The torch uses the hydrogen atoms extracted from water, it burns cleaner than other fuel and it burns hotter than other fuel energy. It can melt bronze which has a very high melting point in a heart beat. I always wondered why someone hadn’t developed this technology for vehicles and heating homes along with many other uses. Now I’ve learned that the technology is available for use in all types of vehicles.

Why hasn’t any of our government official’s gotten behind this wonderful option? Another question is why any of our leader’s have not rallied support along with issuing grants to further the development of this monumental discovery? Could that have anything to do with the oil lobbyists in D.C? Now that gas prices are extremely high possibly a statesmen (if there are any) will become a hero and get support behind hydrogen fuel development.

The problem with that scenario is that hydrogen is the most plentiful element and it’s free to capture and use. That leaves out most research until the giant oil magnates (or as I like to call them, maggots) find a way to charge for the hydrogen fuel. They have already tried with what is called a hydrogen fuel cell, but the logistics are not in favor of it ever becoming a major option. The gas companies would have to make adjustments in their fuel stations and the big issue is that other types of companies could also retail fuel cells and the oil industry would lose their monopoly on fuel. The oil companies will do everything in their power to never let that happen.

Well folks, there is an option, and it’s a wonderful alternative that the oil companies don’t want us to know about, and can’t do a thing about it. It’s a device in a kit form to install in our car engines and current test results have been proving a savings of 50% to 60 % on gasoline expenditures. I am told that some only reported 35% savings but it depends on where you live and what type of vehicle you drive. Mountain areas with lots of hill climbing naturally uses more fuel. I am also learning that you can fine tune the device over time and possibly get results as high as a savings of 70%.

This is going to be a blessing for all of us that are on fixed incomes and also those that don’t make a hundred grand a year. People that earn an average amount are now devastated at the higher and higher prices of gasoline. How much is it affecting your budget, my guess is it is monumental, right? What about retirees, there are an average of 7,000 people a day reaching retirement age, boy does the price of gas take a big slice out of their retirement.


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