Winning at Texas hold’em – The importance of Position

In Texas hold’em (except for the first round of betting) the dealer always bets last. But the same thing is true in draw poker. So why is position more important in pengeluaran sgp Hold’em than draw poker? There are four rounds of betting in Hold’em and only two rounds of betting in draw poker, so the advantages of betting later are magnified in Hold’em. Betting last has the obvious advantage of knowing what the other players have decided to do.

Let’s look at early position, before the flop, in Hold’em. If you bet (call or raise), there are players who will act after you who can call, or raise, or even reraise. You take a lot of risk when you bet in early position. Furthermore, some hands (straight or flush possibilities, for example) are only worth playing if there is a lot of action. You’re not likely to make these hands so you want a big payoff if you do. Since you are betting early, you have no information about how many others will play or what they will do. Therefore, in early position you must only stay in with the best of hands. (See my article on this site: Winning Texas hold’em Strategy – Playing the first Two Cards. )

After the flop if you are in last position (dealer) with a fair hand, you are sure there will be no bets behind you. Contrast this with a player in middle position who has no idea what other players will do after he acts. Assume you have a monster hand. Your advantage in going last is even greater. In early position with that monster hand you could try to check-raise. Of course if that fails and no one bets, you’ve just given your opponents a “free” card and lost an opportunity to get bets into the pot. In middle position it still isn’t clear how to play the hand. You could come out betting or try “sandbagging. ” If someone bets in front of you, you may drive all the players out if you raise. Being last you’ll always have the chance to bet even if you don’t get the chance to raise. The basic Blackjack Strategy confuses some players with regard to soft hands. Soft hands are those hands that have an ace which can be counted as one or eleven. So ace-two is a soft hand worth either 3 or 13. On the other hand if you are dealt an ace-two and you hit with a king the hand is no longer soft; it becomes a hard hand worth only 13Hard blackjack hands are defined as hands that do not contain an ace which can be counted as eleven. For example you are dealt an ace and a two. Correct strategy requires you to hit and you get a queen. You now have a hard hand totaling thirteen.

Playing hard hands of eight or less requires no thought, just hit. You can’t bust. If you have a six and a three or any other nine count, double down if the dealer’s upcard is a three, four, five, or six; otherwise hit. Dealer is weakest at six, then five, then four, then three, then two. Any other upcard and dealer has a good chance of winning. “Poker takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master”. This saying sums poker up, everyone can play poker but only a certain few are real masters of it. Poker has a great draw to it as unlike other forms of betting you can do many things to put the odds into your favor so you can win consistently. That is why in this article I am going to be giving you some of the key things that you need to be doing so that you can succeed at poker and win big! 3) Keep an eye on your opponents – When you are not playing a hand keep an eye out for your opposition. My favorite time to play in a hand is when the chip leader has just lost a chunk of chips, this is because he will be on tilt so if you can get in there and hit a hand you can take him to the cleaners while he is not playing his usual style! Suppose you hold a marginal hand; it could win, but chances are good it could lose. If the pot is large, you should call even if there’s only a tiny chance you will win. In the long run you are better off calling with a losing hand than folding what would have been the winner. If you believe your opponent has a weaker hand than yours or you believe he bluffs a lot, and if he bets ahead of you on the river, consider raising. This is an especially good strategy if there are others to act behind you, since you may force them to fold and now you only have one player to beat.

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